Transmitter Isolation Ball Valves & Other Specialty Valves

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Fig. 15 B Sampling Valve Plunger Style Sampling Valve in 316 SS.

Fig. 15 B Spec Sheet.pdf

Fig. 105 BD Transmitter Isolation Ball Valve. In 316 SS. 3" Sensing Area, 1" Port. With Purge and Calibration ports.

Fig. 105BD Spec Sheet.pdf

Fig. 305 B Transmitter Isolation Ball Valve​. In 316 SS. 3" Full Port and 3" Sensing Area. With Purge / Calibration port.

Fig. 305 B Spec Sheet.pdf

Welcome to one of the best kept secrets in the industrial valve market: TRANS-VALVE. Since creation by founder Mack Williams in 1996, we have focused on providing quality, specialty valves through industrial distributors. From Fig. 15 B sampling valves to the Fig. 305 B, a patented 3" full port transmitter isolation ball valve, we offer easy to install, user friendly products that give you improved processes.  Our industry experience and product reliability gives you peace of mind.

Decades of experience, ease of installation and use and unmatched reliability  are just three reasons to use TRANS-VALVE products on your next project.  Contact a distributor for current pricing and availability. You'll be glad you discovered one of the best kept secrets in the world of specialty industrial valves.